Chargers' icon Philip Rivers may be the Jets' best option after Aaron Rodgers injury

Is Philip Rivers actually going to come out of retirement?
Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Chargers
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LA Chargers fans often feel like they are the most cursed franchise in the NFL. After all, the Chargers have created an entire brand of losing that many NFL fans and pundits refer to as "Chargering". While it is undoubtedly painful to be a Chargers fan at times, the New York Jets reminded the NFL world that they are the most tortured fanbase on Monday night.

After a long offseason full of promise and anticipation for star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the most Jets thing ever happened in the team's very first drive of the game. Rodgers tore his Achilles and will miss the entire 2023 season.

Jets fans are now frantically searching for the next quarterback option as the fanbase does not want to see Zach Wilson as the full-time starter again. A lot of interesting names have been thrown into the mix but there is one that should interest Chargers fans, as it could be New York's best option: Philip Rivers.

Chargers' legend Philip Rivers might be the Jets' best option after Aaron Rodgers' injury

The idea of Philip Rivers suiting up for the Jets is probably painful for both Chargers fans and Jets fans. Chargers fans don't want to see Rivers competing against the Chargers for a spot in the AFC Playoffs. Jets fans likely shudder at the idea of bringing in a quarterback who has not played since 2021.

While Rivers has not played in two years, his name has remained in the conversation. There was speculation about him playing for the New Orleans Saints in 2022 and last season the San Francisco 49ers reportedly had Rivers as their main contingency plan if they beat the Philadelphia Eagles and needed quarterback help.

Plus, it is not like the Jets really have other alternatives. What is the team going to do, sign Carson Wentz? At that rate, the Jets are better off just rolling with Zach Wilson. This Jets team just needs a veteran who won't actively lose games for them. Rivers can slot into that role, as he proved with the 2021 Colts.

If this were to happen then it would create a storybook primetime matchup in Week 9 when the Chargers come to New York for Monday Night Football. Rivers vs. Justin Herbert would probably be the most anticipated regular-season matchup in Chargers fans' history.

While it might be the best option for the Jets, it is reasonable to question whether or not Rivers would make the jump. Rivers seems to be enjoying his post-playing career and while he could win that lucrative first Super Bowl, it is a lot to come back into the fold and play an entire NFL season.

If New York is in the playoff hunt come Week 16 and Rivers can come in after his high school football season then it is certainly plausible and should be the route the Jets take. New York has a better chance of winning with him than Wilson or Wentz.