Ranking all 14 Chargers opponents in the 2022 season

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Derrick Henry
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8. Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans finished with the best record in the AFC last season but that does not matter. I have serious doubts about the Titans in 2022 and while they still will be in the playoff hunt in the easy AFC South, there are concerns for the Titans.

First of all, Ryan Tannehill showed his true colors when Derrick Henry was hurt and in a big situation in the playoffs. It is impossible to be fully confident in Tannehill if you are a Titans fan, especially considering the weapons aren't great and the offensive line if getting worse.

That also hurts Derrick Henry, who is at the point in his career as a running back where he will start to regress. It is impossible to predict injuries, but Henry's 2021 injury could be the start of the decline. I no longer expect him to be the top running back in 2022.

7. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts also have questions at the quarterback position as Matt Ryan is getting old and any sort of pressure is going to seriously impact him. Combine that with the fact that the Colts have a really bad receiving corps and the Colts' offense could struggle.

That being said, Jonathan Taylor should now be considered a better running back than Derrick Henry and the defense in Indy is still really good. Ryan is still an improvement over Carson Wentz as he won't make the same bone-headed mistakes that Wentz makes.

It is hard to see the Colts winning a playoff game if they get there but they should be a playoff team. Against the Chargers, the duo of Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa should get the job done, assuming the run defense is better as we expect it to be.