Ranking all 14 Chargers opponents in the 2022 season

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Tua Tagovailoa
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10. Miami Dolphins

This is solely a Tua Tagovailoa ranking as the Miami Dolphins have made all the right moves this offseason. They added protection to the offensive line and gave Tua another elite pass-catcher in Tyreek Hill. Hill and Jaylen Waddle can be a game-planning nightmare for defensive coordinators if Mike McDaniel is as much of an offensive genius as he has been touted to be.

With a solid defense, you could make the case that the Dolphins can game-manage Tua to a winning record and a potential playoff berth. However, there is also the very realistic possibility that Tua continues to struggle and he is ultimately what holds the team back.

This ranking is probably the floor for Miami as it is hard to see the team being worse than the options below. The ceiling is probably in the 6-7 range if Tua really figures it out.

9. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers may have made the NFC Championship last season but I am not a believer in Trey Lance. Plus, it would not be the first time that the 49ers have a losing record after making a deep run in the NFL Playoffs.

Jimmy Garoppolo is all but gone in 2022 (maybe he will be the Seahawks quarterback). Jimmy G just had surgery on his throwing shoulder, hurting his trade value in the process. However, he still should be ready to suit up in 2022.

If Jimmy G is the quarterback in 2022 then the 49ers may rank one or two spots higher on this list. However, with the unknown of Lance, it is hard to rank the 49ers any higher than ninth. I still give them credit over the Dolphins since they have the winning track record.