Ranking all 14 Chargers opponents in the 2022 season

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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The LA Chargers have had a fantastic offseason thus far and there are still moves to be made both with free agency spending and the 2022 NFL Draft. However, for the most part, the landscape of the NFL in 2022 has been set and we have a good idea of who will be good and who will be bad.

The Chargers have the second-easiest schedule in the AFC West in 2022 and the team is hoping to turn that, with the influx of new talent, into the first playoff berth since 2018. An even better scenario is winning the first AFC West title since 2009.

There are certainly some tough opponents in 2022 but there are some relatively easy ones as well. While we do not know the exact order of the schedule, we can rank who the Chargers play in 2022.

Ranking all 14 Chargers opponents in 2022:

14. Atlanta Falcons

Man, the Atlanta Falcons are going to be a bad football team in 2022. While Matt Ryan was nothing special last season he also was much better than Marcus Mariota (or whatever rookie the Falcons draft, even if I love Malik Willis). Atlanta has the most talent-deprived roster in the league, especially with Calvin Ridley serving a one-year suspension.

Despite finishing with a 7-10 record and actually being in the wild-card picture in January, the Falcons finished the 2021 season with the third-worst DVOA in the league. That is only going to get worse in 2022 and quite frankly, the Falcons should be on the clock with the first overall pick in 2023.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are still not going to be a good football team in 2022 and their schedule is actually tougher than the year before, so they probably will still be among the worst teams in the league. However, in terms of overall talent, they are in a better spot than last season.

There is a case to be made that Jacksonville should rank higher than the 12th team on this list and after the 2022 season, they might. Trevor Lawrence has to be better than his rookie season as he does not have to deal with the dumpster fire that is Urban Meyer as the head coach.

I don't love who they have signed in free agency and while they have given out bad contracts, they have at least added more talent. If they hit a home run in the draft and Lawrence gets better they will rank higher than this at year's end. Either way, the Chargers should beat them.