The 3 worst moves the Chargers will regret from 2023 offseason

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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All in all, the LA Chargers had a really solid offseason that fans can be happy about. With a pretty solid draft class and other savvy moves, the Chargers' front office was able to fill out a competitive roster that can be even better next year than it was in 2022.

That being said, not every move the Chargers made in the offseason will go down as a success. Every team makes bad moves every single offseason that they end up regretting. The Chargers are no different.

The 3 worst moves the Chargers will regret from the 2023 offseason:

1. Letting Drue Tranquill sign with the Kansas City Chiefs

This was a controversial signing that has cooled off a bit but should still sting for Chargers fans. For the second season in a row, the team did not award a breakout season from a linebacker and instead that linebacker signed a cheap one-year deal with another team.

This time it is extra painful as Drue Tranquill signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. While some fans have already turned the page on Tranquill, there definitely will come a point during the 2023 season when he will be sorely missed. Hopefully, he does not contribute to beating the Chargers in 2023.

There is also the Eric Kendricks dynamic of this decision as well. On paper, Kendricks is a better fit for what the Chargers need at linebacker. However, he is also twice the price and is on the wrong side of 30. We all love to talk about the best-case scenario with Kendricks, but what about the worst?

NFL players regress quickly in the NFL and Kendricks is already showing some signs of regression. Meanwhile, Tranquill's arrow is only pointing up after the 2022 season that he put together for the Bolts.

If Kendricks plays well it will cushion some of the blow of Tranquill leaving but if he plays poorly it will be exponentially worse.