The 3 worst moves the Chargers made during the offseason

Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports
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The LA Chargers put together a fantastic offseason in 2022. Los Angeles had the means to add serious talent and the team wasted no time and got aggressive to capitalize on a Super Bowl window that exists with Justin Herbert on his rookie contract.

While the offseason was mostly great, there were some decisions that we can run through a comb and dissect as bad moves. Of course, we could end up eating crow and the Chargers may have only made the right decisions. However, teams never make the right decisions 100% of the time.

Here are the three worst moves that the LA Chargers made this offseason:

3. Not adding to the wide receiver room at all

To be fair, the Chargers did technically add to the wide receiver room as the team signed return specialist DeAndre Carter. However, Carter is merely replacing Andre Roberts' place on the roster and is not going to make a significant difference on offense.

The team did bring back Mike Williams, improve from Jared Cook to Gerald Everett and is seemingly expecting a breakout second season from Joshua Palmer. All that being said, the Bolts still could have added that one dynamic speed threat to deepen the receiver room and actually run with six receivers on the roster instead of five.

This could have been done with a cheap free-agent signing but now that is likely off the table with the space the Bolts have remaining. It also could have been done with a pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Bo Melton was there for the Chargers as late as 214 but the team instead wanted to double-down on developmental corners and draft a full-back.

This is not a massive deal and I was not one of the pundits pounding the table for the Bolts to take a receiver in the first round. While the top of the receiver room is solid, the depth can really start to look thin with just 1-2 injuries and if Palmer does not take the leap they are expecting in year two. It would have been nice to have that one extra option that can get open with their speed.