Ranking the 5 biggest upgrades the LA Chargers made this offseason

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Zion Johnson
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3. Drafting Zion Johnson to replace Michael Schofield

Zion Johnson has not even played a snap in the NFL and I am already comfortable making him the third biggest upgrade that the LA Chargers have made this offseason. Why? Michael Schofield was out of the NFL when the Chargers called him up after Week 5 to be the team's starting right guard after Oday Aboushi tore his ACL.

Schofield did fine considering the circumstances but he still was not a good option at right guard. He actually managed to still be better than Forrest Lamp, which is really telling in just how bad and disappointing Lamp was in his career with the Chargers.

But still, Schofield was someone who no other team in the league had interest in signing and no team in the league has still signed. If it was not for his connection with the team then he probably would not have played a snap in the NFL last season and might even be in the USFL right now.

The Chargers took the best interior offensive lineman in the draft with the 17th overall pick and Johnson is about as sure-fire as you can get as a guard prospect. He might not come into the league and set the world on fire like Rashawn Slater did but he has an extremely high floor and right away should be an average starter at worst at right guard.

Johnson has all the potential in the world to be a future Pro Bowler and his ceiling in year one is probably that of a borderline Pro Bowler. Regardless, he is going to be much better than Schofield, who was one of the worst starting guards in the NFL last season.