Ranking the 5 biggest upgrades the LA Chargers made this offseason

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Khalil Mack
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4. Trading for Khalil Mack to replace Uchenna Nwosu

I know, this seems really low to put Khalil Mack and most people that clicked onto this article probably thought that he would rank no. 2 on this list. When it comes to overall talent in 2022, there is a good chance that Mack is the second-most talented player on this list. It is safe to say that prime Mack is no longer in the league but the Chargers can still get big production and a Pro Bowl season out of Mack.

That being said, it is the upgrade we are talking about and while the team did struggle to get pressure on the quarterback at times, Uchenna Nwosu was coming into his own in the second half of the season. After a sluggish first half, Nwosu had one of the better second halves in the NFL and he could continue to blossom on the Seattle Seahawks.

There is also the possibility that should not be ruled out of Mack regressing. It obviously is not what we want as Charger fans but it is possible. He is over the age of 30 and is coming off of a significant injury. Regression can sometimes happen instantly and there is a world in which Mack is a marginal upgrade at best over Nwosu.

The more realistic scenario is that the Chargers get a Mack that is 85-90% of the prime version of himself, which is still one of the best edge rushers in the league and is certainly an over-qualified second edge rusher.