3 Chargers moves that would make this the perfect offseason

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers
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2. Chargers trade down in the 2023 NFL Draft

This is something that fans likely won't know about until the day of the 2023 NFL Draft. While there is pre-draft movement in the first round, typically a late-round pick like this isn't moved until the day of the draft once the board starts to develop and there are jump-happy teams.

Tom Telesco has never traded down as the general manager of the Chargers but it is something that he hinted at doing earlier this offseason. Brandon Staley added to that speculation during the owners meetings when he had some very pointed comments about the draft board at pick 21.

A trade back for the Chargers makes so much sense for a multitude of reasons. With limited financial resources this year and in the future, the Chargers would benefit from getting more cost-controlled assets that can make up the roster. Trading down allows them to do that.

It also makes sense considering there is not a bonafide position of need for the Chargers in round one. Sure, if someone like Bijan Robinson falls or a top-end receiver falls then it is a different conversation. But for the most part, the Chargers have the means to move back and still add someone impactful.

There is a chance that the Chargers could move down a handful of spots, still pick up an impactful player and add another top-75 to top-100 draft pick to the roster. That is absolutely the best way to approach the 2023 NFL Draft.