What the Chargers offseason could look like if they copy the Bengals

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Morgan Moses
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The right tackle the LA Chargers could spend on in free agency:

The last big signing that the Cincinnati Bengals made in 2021 was at tackle as they signed Riley Reiff away from Minnesota. The Bengals' offensive line was still an issue in 2021, especially when Reiff was hurt, but they did lay the blueprint in how much to spend on a tackle with the other moves also being made.

The Bengals signed Reiff to a one-year, $7.5 million deal. The Chargers should be in the business of signing someone for multiple years but the cap hit of $7.5 million could be around the same. Of course, the Chargers could also utilize the 2022 NFL Draft for a right tackle, but we are copying the Bengals here.

If we are slapping that price tag on the Chargers' starting right tackle for 2022 then the most logical signing is New York's Morgan Moses. PFF projects Moses to get a three-year, $22.5 million deal, which is the exact same average annual salary as Reiff.

Moses would not have to switch his side on the offensive line as he is already a starting right tackle and he is one of the best tackles on the market in 2022. However, the tackle market is not as deep this year as years past and Moses is by no means an elite tackle.

Moses allowed 49 quarterback pressures in 2021 and four sacks. It was the sixth-most pressures allowed in the league. However, Moses was durable and his pass-block efficiency put him at 61/99 among tackles with 20% of the snaps played.

Those are not great numbers but Moses has played better in his career. Plus, his quarterback play and those around him on the offensive line did not really help much. This was perhaps the worst version of Moses, which is still better than Storm Norton.

If the Chargers do not like any potential early-round tackles in the 2022 NFL Draft class then I could see them making this kind of signing, realizing Moses's potential and looking to get the most out of him.