4 Chargers offseason decisions in 2023 that already look like a disaster

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chargers have dug themselves into a hole to start the 2023 season with an 0-2 record. Both games were painfully close but in classic Chargers fashion, the Bolts were on the losing end against the Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans.

It is early in the 2023 season but there are already some questionable decisions from the offseason that are shining in the spotlight because of the slow start. For some fans, these decisions may already look disastrous.

4 Chargers offseason decisions that already look like a disaster:

1. Keeping Brandon Staley

Brandon Staley's seat has gone from warm to nuclear-hot in just two games. Both games were winnable for the Chargers and in both losses the team showed examples of being poorly coached. As a defensive head coach, it is hard to make a case for Staley when his defense has allowed 63 points in two games.

The Chargers had a perfect out with Staley after the team blew a 27-0 lead in the playoffs. It seemed unlikely since the Chargers were dealing with injuries, but the Bolts certainly had every reason to make a move. Instead, Staley's coordinators were fired and he was given one more chance.

If Staley does not turn this ship around then he might not even make it halfway through the 2023 season. The Chargers have a Week 5 bye and if the team happens to be 0-4 then it is going to be really hard for management to justify keeping Staley in town.