Chargers fans lose dream hire Frank Reich to the Carolina Panthers

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Before the LA Chargers even fired offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, there was a contingent of Chargers fans who were pounding the table for Frank Reich to be the team's next offensive coordinator. While the end of his stint with the Indianapolis Colts did not go great, Reich is still a great offensive mind that would have done wonders with Justin Herbert.

Because of his success with the Colts, Reich was also a candidate for several head coaching jobs. Reich ultimately landed one of those jobs, as it was reported on Thursday that he was hired by the Carolina Panthers.

Reich never interviewed with the Chargers as he was first going through the head coaching market before potentially shifting to be an offensive coordinator. He got his opportunity to remain a head coach and now Chargers fans have to put to bed the Reich dream.

There are still several quality candidates for the Chargers offensive coordinator position.

While the Chargers may not have gotten the chance to interview Frank Reich for the job, there are still several promising offensive minds that have either interviewed with the team or have been requested to be interviewed.

Most of those minds come from the Sean McVay coaching tree as Brandon Staley has not been shy in expressing his thoughts on the McVay offense. The two most promising names that jump off the page from the Rams are Zac Robinson and Thomas Brown, both of which have been interviewed.

There are also options outside the coaching tree, such as Tennessee Titans tight end coach Luke Steckel and Buffalo Bills quarterbacks coach Joe Brady. The latter of which is another fan favorite and might be the most popular option now that Reich is off the table.

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Regardless of who the Chargers hire, it is important that Staley and co. take their time and ensure that they hire the best person for the job. Staley and Telesco's jobs may depend on it as they need to find someone who can actually maximize Justin Herbert.