Why the Chargers offense is sputtering (and what the solutions are)

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The Chargers' play-calling: 30%

The Chargers' play-calling certainly has not been perfected but it is not the main reason why this team is struggling this season. That is not to say that Joe Lombardi has been perfect, but he has been fine (at times) with the hand that has been dealt to him.

There are certain route concepts and overall philosophies that need to be changed about this offense, I am not going to deny that. But the feeling that the Chargers have become a check-down offense because of Lombardi is absurd.

Justin Herbert is checking down as often as he is because the other looks are not getting open downfield and the protection is not there. Herbert is a master at getting through his progressions and these little flats to Austin Ekeler are not the designed first read. He is processing quickly, and getting the ball to his check-down receiver.

There is a bigger factor that weighs heavier on the play-calling that fans seem to be overlooking. Changing the play-caller might spark the team and they could improve, but it is not going to suddenly fix the other problems that this team has.

The solution:

Changing to Shane Day certainly is an option and at this point, it might not hurt to try. I think we are going to see Brandon Staley focus more on offense coming out of the bye week and if things don't improve in 2-3 weeks, then we see the change.

The main improvement that this team can make right now in terms of the play-calling is something that Daniel Popper alluded to in his post-game live stream. This team needs to figure out what it is good at, especially at running the ball, and lean into that.

The Chargers have been one-dimensional offensively and as great as Herbert is, that is never going to lead to success. LA needs to figure out what it is good at in terms of running the ball and lean into that. It is no surprise that the team's best games this season were when they ran the ball well.

In the bye week, the team should first be looking to answer that question and build from the ground up depending on what the answer is.