Why the Chargers will definitely have the league's best offense in 2022

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers
New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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3. The other top offenses in the league are going to take a step down

The Chargers are one of the elite offensive teams in the league that actually got better on that side of the football this offseason. However, the other elite offensive teams that were in the Chargers' company mostly got worse, paving the way for the Bolts to claim that top spot.

Granted, there will be offenses that make the jump into that elite category along with the Chargers but it is hard to find a team that is not only going to make that leap but also surpass the Bolts. Meanwhile, the Bolts are surpassing the other elite teams.

The Chargers ranked fourth in the league in Football Outsider's Offensive DVOA last season. The other five teams in the top five, in order, were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Tampa Bay lost Rob Gronkowski, guard Alex Cappa and running back Ronald Jones. Plus, Tom Brady is a year older, which does matter. The Bucs will probably be the Chargers' top competition in the league with the soft NFC they play, but the Chargers have more offensive talent and a more explosive QB at this point.

The Green Bay Packers lost Davante Adams and boast one of the worst receiving corps in the entire league for Aaron Rodgers to throw to. Kansas City lost Tyreek Hill and replaced him with mediocre options while San Francisco does not even know who the quarterback next season will be. Plus, Deebo Samuel wants out.

The Buffalo Bills will be competition for the Chargers but Herbert was more consistent than Josh Allen last season and the Chargers were already better. The Bengals will be up there but Herbert is better than Joe Burrow. The Cowboys and Rams will have a shout but Dak Prescott is simply Kirk Cousins with better PR (shoutout to Bill Simmons for that perfect analogy) and the Rams are really thin at receiver.

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Are there a lot of good offenses in the league? Absolutely. The LA Chargers will just be the best of the best.