Why the Chargers will definitely have the league's best offense in 2022

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. The Chargers offense has simply gotten better in the offseason

Most of the focus in the offseason might have been on rebuilding the defense and creating a unit that is more in line with Brandon Staley's vision. That being said, the Chargers did not ignore the offensive side of the ball and the talent around Justin Herbert is primed to be better in 2022 than it was in 2021.

Granted, the offense may not have made as big of a leap as the defense but the improvements that the team did make are going to have an impact on the overall flow of the offense. Just about every area saw an improvement this offseason.

On the offensive line, the Chargers drafted Zion Johnson with the 17th overall pick to lock down the right guard position. Johnson was the most polished guard in the 2022 NFL Draft and is going to provide an above-average presence at right guard without a doubt.

At running back the team improved the RB2 by drafting Isaiah Spiller. While I personally was not a huge fan of the selection, Spiller should have a bigger impact than Justin Jackson, who has been very inconsistent. The depth behind the first two running backs is still thin, but the Chargers should be happy with Spiller and Austin Ekeler.

The Chargers did not bring in any new faces at receiver outside of DeAndre Carter but the team is still going to improve. Why? Joshua Palmer is primed for a breakout season and the Bolts are going to have a more well-rounded wide receiver room because of it.

Finally, the Bolts replaced Jared Cook with Gerald Everett in what is one of the most overlooked moves of the offseason. Tight end is so important to this offense being successful and Cook simply dropped the ball (literally) too many times last season.

Everett is far more explosive, more athletic, and is going to be able to not only get open more than Cook did last season but actually complete the catch. Outside of right tackle (which could still be better than expected if Trey Pipkins blossoms) and RB3/4, the offense really does not have any holes.