3 Chargers who are not safe following the 2024 NFL Draft

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Daiyan Henley

The Chargers drafted Daiyan Henley last year with the intention of developing him into a starter in his second season in 2024. Kenneth Murray was heading into his last year under contract and Eric Kendricks was an obvious cut candidate so it was clear that the Chargers needed a young linebacker to start.

The only problem is that Henley didn't get many chances to show what he could do in an NFL game last season. And even if he didn't, the Chargers have a completely new regime that did not draft Henley a year ago.

This regime drafted a linebacker of its own in Junior Colson, who is undoubtedly going to start at linebacker alongside Denzel Perryman. The Chargers needed a linebacker who could play well in coverage and that is exactly what the team got in Colson. Mix in the fact that he is a step ahead with Jesse Minter's defense and it is obvious that he will start.

Henley will surely play some kind of role on the defense as the third linebacker but it is hard to pinpoint just how big that role will be. It does not appear that the Chargers have a whole lot of faith in him as if they did, it would not have been such a priority to add two starting-caliber linebackers this offseason.

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