3 Chargers who are not safe following the 2024 NFL Draft

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The LA Chargers have added nine new players to the roster via the 2024 NFL Draft who will all look to compete for playing time. Not every player the Chargers took in the draft will be an impact player but the team did land several rookies who should be just that.

This is the first draft class of a new era of Chargers football with Jim Harbaugh and Joe Hortiz leading the way. Naturally, this draft class is going to be favored more than previous draft classes as there are no longer any ties between the team and those players who were previously selected.

This won't matter to the good players who have earned playing time. But it will impact those who have not earned playing time. There are several players on the roster who are now on the outside looking in after the draft, which is not a great place to be.

3 Chargers who are not safe after the 2024 NFL Draft;

After signing J.K. Dobbins and drafting Kimani Vidal, Isaiah Spiller checks in as the RB4 on the depth chart. Prior to the Dobbins signing it appeared that the team was simply going to draft a running back and call it a day with Spiller as the RB3.

That was not the case as the Bolts obviously felt comfortable enough with Dobbins' health to sign him. Vidal is definitely going to slot ahead of Spiller, who now needs to put together a great training camp to justify the team carrying a fourth running back.

With the Chargers also now having a fullback on the roster that is going to be hard to do. Spiller has not really accomplished anything in the NFL thus far in his career, so it is imperative that he shows up to camp looking like a completely different player.

If not then he does not have a good chance of making the 53-man roster and could start the season on the practice squad, only getting signed to the active roster if someone gets hurt.