Jonathan Taylor trade could create nightmare scenario for Chargers

Jonathan Taylor's next team could really hurt the Chargers.

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

One of the biggest storylines during the LA Chargers offseason was Austin Ekeler's contract decision and his desire to be paid more. Ekeler was granted permission by the team to seek out a trade but the situation was ultimately resolved when the Bolts added incentives to Ekeler's deal in 2023.

Ekeler's situation is part of a larger market-shifting situation with the running back positions. We are reaching a breaking point with star running backs and how much they are getting paid and it has resulted in one of the best backs in the league hitting the trade market.

After weeks of tension, the Indianapolis Colts have granted Jonathan Taylor permission to seek out a trade. This situation is very similar to the Ekeler situation but could actually lead to a trade as Taylor is much younger than Ekeler and still in his prime.

Indianapolis' reporting asking price for Taylor is a first-round pick — or a package of picks that amounts to the same value. While this removes the Chargers as a possibility, it does keep the door open for Taylor to come to the AFC West in what would be a nightmare situation for the Bolts.

Chargers fans must hope Jonathan Taylor isn't traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.

There definitely is a world in which the Kansas City Chiefs convince themselves of adding Jonathan Taylor to the offense and trade the needed picks to make it happen. Kansas City has all of its valuable picks in upcoming drafts and can package those with Clyde Edwards-Helaire to meet the Colts' price.

It is also important to note that the Chiefs have the cap space to pay Taylor in upcoming seasons. As it stands right now, the Chiefs have $52 million in projected cap in 2024 and $124 million in projected cap in 2025, per Over The Cap. Kansas City currently ranks 10th in projected cap space next season .

So the team certainly has the means to make it happen and with how the roster in constructed, could convince itself yo make a splash. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are out of the world but this is the weakest receiving room that Mahomes has had in his entire career.

With a stellar offensive line, adding a runner like Taylor could make the Chiefs' offense even more unstoppable. They would still have the elite quarterback that can drive down the field and win games but they would also have the elite running back to take some of the load off of Mahomes in the regular season.

With Isiah Pacheco also on the roster, the Chiefs would have the best 1-2 rushing attack in the league. Their offense would be reminiscent to the New Orleans Saints' offense of the late 2010s with an elite quarterback and an elite running back duo.

Are the Chiefs the favorites to trade for Taylor? Not at all. It is possible? Absolutely. Would it be a nightmare for the LA Chargers? Without a doubt.