Awful news continues piling onto Chargers fans with Joey Bosa injury update

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When it rains it pours. That is the mantra that best describes the LA Chargers only three weeks into the 2022 NFL season. In a year where fans were extremely excited, the Chargers have had a season straight out of an R.L. Stine book with all of the injuries that the team has suffered.

Earlier this week the Chargers suffered a huge blow when it was announced that Rashawn Slater had ruptured his bicep tendon and would be out for the year. Despite getting some injury relief on the Keenan Allen front, the Bolts were delivered the hook to follow up the jab on Wednesday with the latest Joey Bosa injury update.

According to head coach Brandon Staley, Bosa will have surgery on a torn groin and will be placed on the Injured Reserve. Staley did say that Bosa should return at some point this season, but as we know with injuries and the Chargers, that is far from a guarantee.

This Joey Bosa injury update is disastrous for Chargers fans.

Well, so much for the dynamic duo of Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa this season. All Chargers fans got out of it was two full games, and to be clear, they looked great in those two games. Bosa could return later in the year but that will only happen in the team is in the playoff chase.

And even then, having surgery on a torn groin is far more serious than having a strained groin. This is viewed as the best-case scenario and I would not hold my breath on Bosa returning this year, especially with how he has handled injuries in the past.

The only good thing from this injury is that it happened in Week 3, so there is at least that sliver of a chance that he can return. If this happened three weeks from now there would be no shot that we would see him again.

It still is a massive blow considering the EDGE depth is pretty bad behind Mack. Not to mention that Mack is now going to get the same treatment as Bosa did last year. The Chargers don't have much that can generate pressure on the passer without blitzing, so teams can hone in on double-teaming Mack on one side of the line.

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As a result, we will see far fewer pressures and sacks out of Mack this season. Hopefully, the newly-formed defensive line can take advantage of this, but I would not expect that to be the case with how they played after Bosa went down in Week 3.