4 big takeaways from the LA Chargers signing Gerald Everett

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Gerald Everett
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3. What to know about Gerald Everett's game:

There are a few things to know about Gerald Everett's game that are applicable for the LA Chargers.

1. Gerald Everett has historically had sure hands

One of the biggest issues that the LA Chargers had last season was with drops and Jared Cook was a big part of that problem. Over the course of his career, Everett has showcased some of the surest hands in the sport.

He did have one really bad season in 2020 with Jared Goff throwing him the football but every season outside of that has been great for Everett. He dropped just three passes in 2021 and Everett's combined drop rate in every season outside of that one outlier is 1.12%. Pretty solid if you ask me.

Everett is a big target in the passing game with sure hands that Justin Herbert should be able to get going, in large part due to...

2. Gerald Everett is great after the catch

Gerald Everett is no Travis Kelce and he definitely is on the lower end when it comes to TE1s. However, one thing that stands out about Everett's game is his ability after he makes the catch to extend plays and make defenders miss.

The Chargers lack a true YAC weapon on offense and while Everett is not going to be an elite YAC guy, he does add a new dynamic to the position that was not previously there. If Parham continues to progress as a red-zone target then the Bolts will have a dangerous two-headed monster at tight end.

3. Most importantly, he is better than Jared Cook

I do feel slightly vindicated by this signing. I personally was not a huge fan of the Jared Cook signing last offseason and argued that the team should have signed Gerald Everett to a one-year deal instead. Here we are a year later and the Chargers are picking Everett to replace Cook.