Why the Chargers need to fire general manager Tom Telesco

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1. Tom Telesco's track record is embarrassing

 After the completion of his ninth season as general manager, the Chargers regular-season record stands at 69-76 with him at the helm, making the postseason twice with a record of 2-2 in the playoffs.

The Chargers have never won the AFC West under Telesco’s guidance. This is malpractice from a GM who has had elite quarterback play throughout every season of his leadership. This is not the resume of a first-time GM who deserved to have the right to hire and lead a team with his 3rd head coaching hire.

Telesco has consistently fallen short in acquiring talent capable of taking this team to the next level and has failed miserably, thus far, at hiring a head coach that can develop his players into a championship-caliber level. 

Since the arrival of Tom Telesco after the firing of A.J. Smith, the Chargers have fallen short and been subpar in areas on their roster for years on end, with the GM being responsible for never fixing these multitude of problems.

Kicking issues have been costing the Chargers for a decade. How can it take Telesco nine years to find even a decent kicker in Dustin Hopkins? Special Teams has been a disaster for the franchise since he arrived at the helm. How is it that we’re turning the calendar into 2022 and the Chargers still hold a bottom-five Special Teams unit in DVOA rankings?

Apart from one half-decent offensive line in 2018, the Chargers still only have 3/5 of a good offensive line this year. With these issues lasting eight years, over different coaches, only one constant remains, General Manager Tom Telesco.