3 moves Chargers must make to reach next year's Super Bowl

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3. Find a replacement for Corey Linsley

Since he has been with the team, Corey Linsley has been nothing short of incredible. The Chargers seem to reach a completely different level when he is on the field compared to whenever he is out.

Unfortunately, a heart condition has forced Linsley into retirement when it feels he would have been his most valuable to the Chargers. Will Clapp has been a valiant backup anytime Corey has gone down. It is not that he has necessarily been bad, but the cohesiveness of the offensive line seems to disappear without Corey at the helm.

With the new regime coming in, I think this goal is easily attainable. Harbaugh, Roman, Andy Bischoff, and Mike Devlin should have the offensive line firing on all cylinders this upcoming season. They all have experience with commanding physically overwhelming offensive line groups, and the Chargers have the pieces necessary to ensure that things will work out this upcoming season.

If we wanted to really hammer this point home, going and drafting Jackson Powers-Johnson from the University of Oregon would be an absolute slam dunk. Whether they can (hopefully) select him with pick 37, or maybe they need to trade that pick and another asset to jump back up into the first for a player like JPJ, he would make an immediate impact and would provide long-term stability at the position which we do not have to get into in this article.

Making sure the Chargers' offensive line is stable and performing to their capabilities will give them a much better chance for Super Bowl contention this upcoming season.

The Chargers had a horrible 2023 season. Luckily, it planted the seeds for change and we are seeing the fruits of that grow in front of our own eyes. Turn the tide in one score games this upcoming season, and do the three things mentioned throughout this piece and the Chargers could find themselves in the Big Easy in no time at all.

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