Undeniable move the Chargers need to make before playing another game

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns
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The LA Chargers have been dealt more adversity than just about any other NFL team in the league and thus far the team has been able to weather it. While it has not always been pretty, the Chargers emerged from an ugly Week 3 loss with a myriad of injuries with two consecutive road wins.

It might not seem great but the Chargers are one of just seven teams in the AFC with a 3-2 record and are just one game behind the best record in the conference. There are some things that need to be wary about that should be addressed, but things are mostly positive.

One thing that absolutely has to be addressed is the depth of the offensive line. Jamaree Salyer filling in wonderfully for Rashawn Slater has been great but there are still moves to be made. Storm Norton is the team's swing tackle and that simply should not be the case.

Fans were reminded just how scary it is for Norton to play in Week 5 as he briefly came in for Trey Pipkins and instantly left an ugly mark on the game at right tackle. On Monday, it was announced that Pipkins strained his MCL and should be able to play without missing time. While promising, this should still prompt a move by the Chargers.

The Chargers need to bring in a new swing tackle.

I don't know what it is about Storm Norton that the Chargers love so much because statistically, he has been one of the worst, if not the worst, offensive tackles in the entire sport. Justin Herbert simply is not safe while he is out there and having him be the main backup for the team is a scary thing.

The options at this point in the season might not be great and that could be why the Chargers have not made a move. However, it would still be better to have a veteran with experience that could help in case of an emergency rather than relying on Pipkins to be the savior if anything goes sideways.

There have been too many reminders that should have prompted this move already. Norton's poor play at left tackle in Week 3 and then his bad play in limited snaps in Week 5 is a clear indication that he is not fit for the job.

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The team may have gotten some relief from Jamaree Salyer being far better than anyone could have hoped but they do not have another Jamaree Salyer to turn to in case things go wrong. They have a Storm Norton, and that is a problem.