Chargers' 4 most likely first-round needs in the 2024 NFL Draft

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Chargers' way-too-early 2024 NFL Draft need: 3. EDGE

The Chargers drafted an edge rusher in the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft, taking USC's Tuli Tuipulotu. It was a no-brainer that the Bolts were going to take an edge rusher in the first three rounds of the draft and Tuipulotu is a great addition to have.

That being said, there is a world in which Tuipulotu does not fill the need that the Chargers are looking for. It is increasingly likely that the 2023 season will be Khalil Mack's last with the Chargers and the team is essentially looking at Tuipulotu to be his replacement.

Tuipulotu's biggest strength is his versatility and ability to kick inside on the defensive line. There is a world in which he is far more comfortable playing defensive end in Staley's 3-4 defense, which would suddenly make edge rusher a need.

This is a similar situation to the wide receiver position for the Chargers. However, what gives edge rusher the advantage is the fact that there is typically a bigger drop-off in round two than there is at receiver as well as the fact that the team took Quentin Johnston in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Depending on how the 2023 season goes, there is a world in which the Chargers draft the same two positions in the first two rounds in the 2024 NFL Draft, just flipped.