Full 7-round Chargers mock draft with the Bolts trading down for a guard

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Obinna Eze
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With the 160th pick in this Chargers mock draft, the Bolts select Obinna Eze, OT, TCU

The LA Chargers should probably still tackle a tackle in the 2022 NFL Draft and they do so in the fifth round of this Chargers mock draft. However, instead of getting a depth player with a lower floor that could be a backup in year one, the Chargers instead swing for the fences with a developmental pick in Obinna Eze.

Feiler is not going to be the long-term option at tackle and while Green could potentially be an option at tackle, he has a much higher ceiling as a guard and in the long run will probably end up there. There is a good chance that if Feiler is the plan that the Bolts will draft a tackle in 2024 after Feiler's contract expires, but they could remove a future first-round need if they make a smart selection now.

Eze is a tackle prospect that needs to be developed at the NFL level both from a technical standpoint but probably from a strength standpoint as well. However, what makes Eze so tantalizing is the athleticism he carried over from his basketball playing days as well as his extremely long arms, which is a fantastic physical trait for a tackle to have.

There is a situation in which Eze lands in the right place and by year two or three he is a quality starting option and by year four or five he is a Pro Bowl tackle that utilizes his unique frame. However, there is also a situation in which Eze does not find the right place and is never a starting tackle in the league.

At the very least, because of his length, Eze should have a career as a backup swing tackle that fills in when needed. The Chargers cannot be mad if Eze turns into a decent swing tackle for the team as a fifth-round pick.