Full 7-round Chargers mock draft with the Bolts trading down for a guard

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Kenyon Green
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With the 24th pick in this Chargers mock draft, the Bolts select Kenyon Green, G, Texas A&M

For the most part, Kenyon Green and Zion Johnson are ranked relatively identically among draft pundits and who gets picked first will all depend on which team falls in love with either one of them and takes them over the other. Johnson ranks one spot higher than Green on the consensus big board, but Green is ranked higher by several draft experts.

Either would be a great selection for the LA Chargers if they wanted to go the route of trading down and taking a guard. Picking Green over Johnson is by no means an indictment on Johnson as a player. He too will be a great guard in this league with multiple Pro Bowl potential.

Green is a bit more raw and might not be as good right away as Johnson but his ceiling is higher. Johnson's physical traits are extremely hard not to fall in love with and if the right offensive line coach gets his hands on him and refines his technique then he could turn into an All-Pro guard in the future at the next level.

Green also has something about his game that makes him more valuable than Johnson to the LA Chargers. Green has experience playing tackle in college and while he projects to be a guard at the NFL level, there is a world in which he could play tackle for the Bolts. At the very least, his versatility could be utilized in the future when the Bolts inevitably run into injuries (they happen to every team).

The Chargers could take Green with the intent of playing him at left guard but who knows, they could also give him reps at tackle with Feiler and instead decide to keep Feiler at guard. It is more likely that Feiler plays tackle but it is not out of the realm of possibility in the slightest.