Full 7-round Chargers mock draft with the Bolts trading down for a guard

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The build up to the 2022 NFL Draft as it pertains to the LA Chargers has been interesting as this year is far more unpredictable than the previous two years. Last year, it was pretty clear that the Bolts would most likely take the best tackle on the market and their decision was made easy when Rashawn Slater fell to 13.

In 2020, as much as there was hype around Isaiah Simmons, it was pretty clear that the Chargers were going to take whatever quarterback the Miami Dolphins didn't take. Thankfully, the Dolphins made the wrong decision and took Tua Tagovailoa over Justin Herbert.

There are many more variables this year with the 17th overall pick with multiple directions the team can take; all of which are dependent on what happens in the 16 picks prior. One possibility that has been gaining some steam among Charger fans is the idea of drafting a guard and moving Matt Feiler to right tackle.

That personally is not my favorite route as Feiler was lock-solid at left guard but you cannot blame the Bolts in making this decision if they are confident in Feiler at right tackle. If the Bolts do go into the draft wanting to take a guard, they should look to trade down.

What does a Chargers mock draft look like with a trade-down and a guard selection?

First off, the spot we are trading down to in this mock draft is 24. Jerry Jones said that the Cowboys could be interested in trading up in the 2022 NFL Draft and 17 would be a good spot for them to move to, depending on who is on the board. The Bolts traded 17 and a seventh-round pick for 24, 88 and a fourth-round pick in 2023.

So which guard did we take, Kenyon Green or Zion Johnson? Let's answer that question, using the PFF Mock Draft Simulator.