Chargers rebuild roster around Malik Nabers in 7-round mock draft

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There are a lot of factors that will go into who the Chargers select in the 2024 NFL Draft. The team still needs to get cap-compliant and has free agency to operate through before the draft. Those decisions will have a direct impact on the draft class.

All that being said, there is a heavy favorite for the Chargers' first-round pick. Georgia tight end Brock Bowers currently feels like the runaway favorite as Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh look to create their next great quarterback-tight end duo.

However, there are other talented prospects atop the draft board and traditionally tight ends that get drafted so early don't pan out. So what if the Chargers pivot? If it's not Bowers, and there is no trade down, then there is one other name that makes sense.

Let's dive into this seven-round Chargers mock draft using Pro Football Focus' Mock Draft simulator.

Chargers draft WR Malik Nabers with 5th pick

If it isn't Bowers then it has to be Malik Nabers (assuming he is still on the board, of course). Nabers is the second-best wide receiver prospect in the draft behind Marvin Harrison and would give the Chargers the kind of field-stretching speed the team needs (especially with Justin Herbert losing Mike Williams as a deep-threat option).

Is trading down and getting more picks better for the entirety of the roster? Probably. But taking Nabers over an offensive tackle or cornerback in the first round is a must. The Chargers absolutely need an impactful offensive skill position player and Nabers is just that.

Again, Bowers makes more sense just based on how this coaching staff operates, but if the front office is concerned about positional value with the tight end then Nabers is the way to go.