Chargers mock draft: Building a quality class around Jordan Addison

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With the 54th pick in the second round, the Los Angeles Chargers select:
Kansas State CB Julius Brents

If the Chargers do what the betting market projects and take an offensive position in round 1, there are a few different ways round two can go. They could certainly double up on offense and pair a tight end of the future with a wideout. Addressing the EDGE room is another possibility.

With the way the board fell to me though, the best possible selection in my mind was Kansas State's Julius Brents. Brents is an athletic freakshow who recorded the 4th highest RAS score of all time for a cornerback in this year's pre-draft process. He has great size, strength, and movement to be a team's potential CB1 for years to come. In 2022, Brents allowed eight PBUs and allowed a passer rating of just 57.7 last year.

Michael Davis needs an extension to remain a Charger that he may not get. J.C. Jackson's Chargers' future in both the immediate 2023 season and beyond is clearly in question following a torn patellar tendon. Brents would solve a potential problem as a defensive cog in the scheme. His 6'3" frame combined with his smooth movements could be an absolute treat at the position for Brandon Staley going forward.

With the 85th pick in the third round, the Los Angeles Chargers select:
Michigan TE Luke Schoonmaker

If the Chargers want a true impact tight end in the draft, my belief is that they have to take one within the first four rounds. The class is deep, but less potent in immediate difference makers once a certain point is reached on day three.

The Chargers didn't sign Dalton Schultz despite some rumors that they may have been interested at one point. Some of the inspiration for that potential signing was to get a tight end weapon for Kellen Moore with good inline size + a red zone threat. Look no further than Michigan's Luke Schoonmaker to potentially be the draft version of Schultz the Chargers wanted.

Schoonmaker ranked in the 90th percentile of tight ends with yards per route run with 2.15, per PFF. He's a solid run and pass blocker for the Chargers to potentially place into Moore's 12 personnel sets.

One concern with Schoonmaker is his age as he'll turn 25 when the 2023 season kicks off. He's one of the older players in the NFL Draft in terms of development. But he's pretty close to plug and play as it currently stands and there's good enough value in his selection here before the drop-off in quality at the position after round three.

Without a tight end selected for the Bolts in the first two rounds, this one makes too much sense for Moore's offense.