Full 7-round Chargers mock draft with Jim Harbaugh as head coach

Michigan v Ohio State
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Chargers draft LB Junior Colson with 105th overall pick

The linebacker position is up in the air for the Chargers, so the team might as well go with another player from the University of Michigan to help fill that hole. Jesse Minter is going to need someone who is familiar with his defense (although it will change in the NFL) and Junior Colson would provide that.

As of right now, the only linebacker on the roster we know for certain will be on the team and have a chance to start is Daiyan Henley. Kenneth Murray is a free agent and Eric Kendricks is an obvious cap casualty for the Bolts.

Chargers draft C Drake Nugent with 138th overall pick

Here is the center that the Chargers draft to replace Corey Linsley, and of course it is a Michigan Wolverine. Linsley said that he is "99% sure" he will have to retire and the Chargers are looking to find the next anchor in the middle to secure the offensive line.

Great centers do not have to be drafted early. So while Oregon's Jackson Powers-Johnson is very intriguing, the Chargers probably are not in the spot to use a second-round pick on him with the other needs on the roster (unless they trade down and pick up more picks).

Thus, Harbaugh goes with someone he is familiar with who played a big role in opening the running lanes for Corum in college. The band is back together.