Full 7-round Chargers mock draft with Jim Harbaugh as head coach

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Chargers draft RB Blake Corum with 69th overall pick

The Chargers select the first Michigan player of the draft class in the third round and take prolific running back Blake Corum. Los Angeles desperately needs to reinvent the running back room in 2024 and Corum feels like a lock to be part of that process.

Corum already felt like a running back that the Chargers may go after before they hired Harbaugh. With Harbaugh now in the fold and needing to reinvent the rushing attack, it makes sense for him to draft someone he is familiar with to help the cause.

The jury is certainly split on Corum and how impactful he can be at the next level. After all, he is undersized and does not have the top-level speed or agility that some other backs do in this draft. Then there is the fact that he will be 24 in November and has a lot of miles, which may be concerning.

That being said, in theory, Corum will be able to contribute at a higher level right away because of his age and experience. Younger prospects can certainly succeed in year one at the running back position and we have seen it before. But with his experience, the jump to being an NFL RB may not be as shocking for Corum.

Corum does not have the biggest long-term ceiling of the mid-round running backs, but he has a good chance to be the best right away. That is exactly what the Chargers need.