Full 7-round Chargers mock draft with Jim Harbaugh as head coach

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Chargers draft CB Quinyon Mitchell with 37th overall pick

The Chargers need to add a cornerback at some point early in the 2024 NFL Draft. Harbaugh and Jesse Minter are going to be tasked with reinventing the defensive side of the ball and part of that equation is getting someone in the building who can contribute at a high level.

Many Michigan fans may point to Mike Sainristil as the guy to draft to address this need. Sainristil is certainly talented and it would not be that surprising if the Bolts "reached" for him in the second round. But in this specific mock draft, there is a prospect that the team simply cannot turn away.

Toldeo's Quinyon Mitchell may not be coming from a big-name school but he has all the traits in a cornerback to be excited about. Mitchell has NFL cornerback size and absolutely checks multiple athleticism boxes. From a pure traits standpoint, Mitchell has what it takes to succeed.

Mitchell has shown more comfort playing zone than man coverage at the collegiate level and has showcased great football IQ to not only attack routes but ball carriers as well. Man coverage might take some getting used to against better athletes in the NFL but Mitchell has the foundational traits to pick it up quickly and develop.

Minter had the tendency to mix in a lot of different man and zone looks at Michigan and having a corner that can specifically thrive in zone can help a lot. With Mitchell, Asante Samuel Jr and Deane Leonard, the building blocks for a good cornerback room start to take place.