Chargers 7-round mock draft following the 2024 NFL Combine

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Chargers draft CB Kamari Lassiter with 37th pick

Cornerback is one of the biggest needs on the roster that not many pundits or Chargers fans seem to be talking about. As it stands right now, the Chargers have two players on the entire roster who have proven they can start at corner, and even then it leaves more to be desired.

Asante Samuel Jr. and Deane Leonard have potential but they also need a lot of help. The Chargers need to commit resources into rebuilding this secondary for Jesse Minter, which includes using an early draft pick as well as making free-agent signings.

In the second round of this mock, the Chargers go with Georgia's Kamari Lassiter, who had a good showing at the combine. Some Chargers fans want to see Harbaugh reunite with Michigan's Mike Sainistril, who definitely is an enticing prospect. However, Sainistril may be limited to the slot his entire career, while Lassiter can reasonably start in the slot but still play on the outside.

Lassiter is nearly the entire package as he has put together some of the best tape of any defensive back in the draft and he has the athleticism to match. However, Lassiter is a bit on the shorter side with his measurables being less than desired from the combine.

That could end up being a good thing for the Chargers, though. If Lassiter's measurables were better he would be a surefire first-round pick. But there might be some hesitancy from teams in the first round, allowing the Chargers to draft who might just be a top-25 prospect with the 37th pick.