Chargers mock draft: Bolts add intriguing Mike Williams replacement

Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings
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The 2023 season has unofficially been over for weeks for the LA Chargers with the focus directly turned on the future of the franchise. The most immediate storyline is around the team's head coaching search and whether or not Jim Harbaugh makes the leap to the NFL. Then, the attention will be turned to the 2024 NFL Draft.

As the 2023 season continues we are starting to get an idea of where the Chargers might be in the draft order. As it stands right now, the Chargers have the sixth overall pick in the draft and as long as the team continues to lose, that spot is locked in.

With that in mind, we hopped over to Pro Football Network's Mock Draft Simulator to compile what a full seven-round draft might look like for the Bolts. This mock draft is significant, as it is our first full mock draft of the season.

Chargers mock draft, pick 6: Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

There are two players that should be considered with the sixth overall pick and two players only. Tight end Brock Bowers, and wide receiver Malik Nabers. Tight end is a bigger need for the Chargers, but Nabers is just that good where his talent can transcend the need.

In this particular mock, Nabers was off the board so the Bolts turned to Bowers instead. This would still be a great pick as Bowers might just be the most well-rounded tight end to come out of college in recent years. That includes last year's loaded tight-end class and the Kyle Pitts phenomenon from 2021.

Adding a dual-threat tight end who can be a pass-catcher and instantly help the blocking in the room would be huge for the Bolts. The only other need that is as pressing is cornerback, but there is not a prospect at cornerback that is worth picking over Bowers. Tackle should completely be off the table, which makes this selection fairly easy for the Bolts.