Chargers' Mike Williams has perfect response to internet-shattering catch

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week 17 was a big week for the LA Chargers. While the team already clinched a playoff spot in the AFC, a big win over the LA Rams did several things for the Bolts. First, it secured at worst a sixth seed for the team. Then, a Baltimore Ravens loss later in the night catapulted the Chargers into a critical fifth seed.

Not only did it help with the playoff seeding, but it continued the momentum that this team has been putting together as the Bolts look to peak at the right time. It was a complete victory for the Bolts, filled with standout performances on both sides of the ball.

Perhaps the biggest standout performance was that of Mike Williams. While other players had better overall stats, Williams put together a nice game that was capped off with one of the most ridiculous catches you will see all season. It is already being dubbed the best catch of 2023, although it has to defend that title for 364 days.

This catch lit the internet on fire and while it was undoubtedly an amazing grab, Chargers fans were not all that surprised. After all, Williams is one of the best contested-catch artists in the entire game and he has done something like this from time to time.

Williams himself knows that he has had better than this despite how ridiculous this catch was. When interviewed by Chris Hayre of CBS, Mike Dub downplayed the reception when other receivers would have logged back into their high school Hudl accounts to post it instantly after the game.

This raises the question: what is the best catch that Mike Williams has ever made? That is a loaded question, as we would have to consider things such as how much it meant for a game, the season and weigh that with the overall impressiveness.

That is a longer article for another day, however, we might be able to pinpoint which one of Williams' catches was the most jaw-dropping.

Mike Williams' best catch was one that didn't even count for the Chargers.

I strongly believe that the most jaw-dropping catch that Mike Williams has made is one that did not count when it should have. Williams defied football physics to make a grab and it was so unrealistic that the play didn't go under review.

News flash: the call would have probably been overturned from incomplete to a catch if it would have went to the booth. It is Mike Dub's most impressive feat yet but gets lost because it was so crazy that it didn't count.

We can't even find a proper tweet to embed in this article because it didn't count and got lost in the football vacuum. But every Chargers fan remembers this should-have-been catch against the Broncos. It is impossible to forget.

But that is just what Mike Williams does: he does things that seem impossible. Just throw the ball his way and he is probably going to come down with it. His catch against the Rams was another example of just that.

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