5 Chargers who deserve the most blame for ugly loss to Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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2. The Chargers' offensive line

All five members of the offensive line are included in this, even Rashawn Slater. Slater was the best of the bunch but he was by no means perfect as he had one of his worst game of the entire season thus far for the Bolts.

One of the big reasons why Herbert struggled so much in this game was the fact that he was constantly under pressure. The Chargers' rebuilt offensive line completely crumbled against this Cowboys pass rush and in the end, Herbert didn't really even have a chance to drive the Chargers down the field.

This marks two straight weeks in which the Chargers offensive line struggled. The team has been without Corey Linsley for both of those games and it has had an obvious ripple effect on the team's protection packages. Will Clapp hasn't been dreadful but he certainly has not been Linsley.

It isn't just in the passing game, though. The running game has been nonexistent since Week 1 and it was particularly bad on Monday night. When there is no running game to speak of pass rushers can pin their ears back and go after the quarterback. That is why Brandon Staley talked about marrying the run to the pass so much in the offseason,

The Chargers have been unable to do that and a big reason why has been the offensive line play. But don't get it wrong, they are not alone, as the tight end blocking has also been horrendous this season (we will lump that into the offensive line).