Chargers who could lose their starting jobs courtesy of the 2024 NFL Draft

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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The LA Chargers have officially entered a new era in 2024 under the leadership of Jim Harbaugh and Joe Hortiz. The 2024 NFL Draft may be the most important part of this first offseason in the new era, as this draft class will serve as the foundation for the next half-decade under this pair.

Fans have already seen Harbaugh and Hortiz make wholesale changes from the past, which included parting ways with several fan favorites. The fanbase would have never expected the Chargers to trade Keenan Allen but alas, Harbaugh and Hortiz did what they thought was best for the team.

That will continue throughout this offseason and into the 2024 season. Just because a player is already on the Chargers does not mean they are safe. This is a fresh start for everyone involved and the Chargers could bring in several promising rookies that replace existing starters from the previous regime.

These Chargers could lose their starting jobs after the 2024 NFL Draft:

Trey Pipkins, right tackle

This feels like the least likely out of the bunch as there are other, larger needs that the Chargers have to fill. However, it is at least worth mentioning that the Chargers could take a right tackle in the 2024 NFL Draft, and if so, Trey Pipkins would become an overpriced swing tackle.

Taking someone like Joe Alt with the fifth pick would be a bit rich but if the Chargers trade back in the first round then we could see the team take a tackle in the first three picks. Even without a trade back, the Chargers could take a tackle in the mid-rounds that still ends up winning the job outright.

There are no preconceived notions with this coaching staff. If a fourth-round pick looks better than Pipkins in camp then that fourth-round pick will start.

Joshua Palmer, WR1

Joshua Palmer is the de facto WR1 right now but that should not stick for much longer. The Chargers should be adding to the wide receiver room in some capacity this offseason, ideally with the fifth pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

If the Chargers want a true, franchise receiver then they are going to need to stick at five and take either Malik Nabers or Marvin Harrison Jr. Either of those guys would leapfrog Palmer on the depth chart without a doubt.

Asante Samuel, CB1

Like Palmer, Samuel is the de facto CB1 on the roster as he is the best guy at the position. And as special as Samuel has been at times in his NFL career, he does not have the consistency of being a true CB1 in a defense.

That could change under new defensive coordinator Jesse Minter but either way, it seems like the Chargers are going to take a cornerback in the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft. That cornerback should be good enough to replace Samuel as the best corner on the roster, even if they slide into the slot (in the case that it is Mike Sainristil).

Daiyan Henley, LB

Denzel Perryman is the top linebacker on the depth chart with sophomore Daiyan Henley as No. 2. This is a concern, as Henley played very few starting snaps on defense for the Chargers last season and has not proven that he can fully handle this responsibility.

With an extra pick in the fourth round via the Allen trade, there is a chance the Chargers could take a linebacker as early as the third round, especially if someone like Junior Colson from Michigan falls. If that is the case, Henley will slide in as the LB3.

Jamaree Salyer, RG

The Chargers likely won't draft a guard that will replace Jamaree Salyer in the starting lineup but there could be a ripple effect that results in him going to the bench. It all has to do with the center position and new signing Bradley Bozeman.

There are two ways this can happen to Salyer. The first is if something crazy happens, like Jackson Powers-Johnson falling to the second round. If that is the case, the Chargers have no other option than to take him with the 37th pick.

The other route is a later-round rookie outperforming Salyer/Bozeman and earning a spot in the starting lineup. If either of these two things happen, the Chargers can start the rookie center and start Bozeman at guard (where he has played before).