3 Chargers who could lose their job to young players this season

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Josh Palmer
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2. Jalen Guyton losing the WR3 job to Joshua Palmer

This one seems like a near-guarantee unless Jalen Guyton shows up to training camp looking like a completely different receiver or Joshua Palmer somehow takes a million steps back in his progression. Guyton was not getting much more playing time than Palmer already last season and towards the end of the year, we saw the team's future plans bear out.

LA drafted Palmer in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft and it is safe to say that the team is high on him as a receiver. That has to be part of the reason why the Chargers did not address the position at all in the offseason as they view Palmer as a great WR3 option behind Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

It is hard to blame the Chargers for being high on Palmer as well. While he is not the most explosive receiver, he showed brilliant flashes last season with crisp route-running and great hands. There is serious potential there, especially with Justin Herbert throwing him the football. That is why I invested in multiple autographed rookie cards.

Guyton is better off being a WR4 and the Chargers' offense is at his best if he has that role. Guyton is a solid deep-threat option with burners, that is about it. He is not going to get a high volume of targets but when he is targeted, it is going to be a big play.

Heck, Guyton was on the receiving end of the best throw of Justin Herbert's career thus far. He is sure to make quite a few highlights next season as well.