3 Chargers who could lose their job to young players this season

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The LA Chargers revamped the roster this offseason as the team looks to capitalize the Super Bowl window that exists with Justin Herbert on his rookie deal. While the Bolts brought in a lot of new talent, they are still one of the youngest teams in the league, which is promising for the long-term window of the franchise.

Youth is a great thing to have in the NFL and the Chargers have a surplus of it. Some of these young players have already made their mark on the team and others are waiting to potentially steal a job from someone else before really making their mark in Los Angeles.

Here are 3 Chargers who could lose their job to a young player this season:

Before we dive into it, it goes without saying that we are not including the young players who have already won jobs. Zion Johnson is the starting right guard, Isaiah Spiller is the RB2, you get the point.

1. Jerry Tillery losing his job to Otito Ogbonnia

This is more of Jerry Tillery losing his job outright and if there was a direct replacement for his snaps, it would probably be Morgan Fox because of the similarities between the two players. However, Tillery potentially losing his spot in the defensive line rotation would also pave the way for more snaps for rookie Otito Ogbonnia.

Tillery's spot on the team was already in jeopardy with the Chargers adding so much more talent to the defensive line this offseason. Add in the fact that Tillery does not seem to care, not showing up on day one of voluntary OTAs, and the former first-round pick could end up not playing much at all in 2022.

The Chargers really gave Tillery a chance to sink or swim last season as the team did not want to give up on their recent first-round pick. However, after yet another unproductive season and with him being in the last year of his contract, this finally might be the year where Tillery stops getting the first-round treatment that he was getting in the past.