Chargers who are definitely entering their last season in LA

The 2023 season will be the end of the road for these Chargers.

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Kenneth Murray

Kenneth Murray could not be any different than Mike Williams or Khalil Mack. He is not projected to have a big cap hit for the 2024 season as he will not even be on the books. The Chargers had the ability to ensure that Murray would return for the 2024 season but the team wisely declined his fifth-year option as a first-round pick.

Murray has not panned out how the Chargers were hoping when the team traded a second and third-round pick to move back into the first round to take him. There were holes in Murray's game as a prospect and those holes have only grown in the NFL.

The frustrating thing about Murray is that he has shown very brief flashes of being something special in the NFL. His athleticism is off the charts and if he could just channel that into smart decision-making then he could be an impact player. That has been his biggest challenge and is one that he might not solve in 2023.

Even if Murray does solve that problem, nothing about how the Chargers have operated indicates that the team will bring him back. Murray could have a breakout season in 2023 and the Chargers will probably still let him walk in free agency. If they did it with Kyzir White and Drue Tranquill then they will probably do it with Murray.

Murray at least won't be the worst first-round pick of the last five years by the Chargers as that honor will still go to Jerry Tillery, who could not even last a full four seasons with the Bolts.