Ranking top-5 edge rushing duos after Chargers blockbuster trade for Khalil Mack

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Joey Bosa
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1. Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack, LA Chargers

Any fans of the other teams that clicked on this article to read it are going to say that we have homer bias as an LA Charges site. While Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack have not yet played together, it is really hard to say that they are not the best edge-rushing duo in the league with the pure pedigree that they have.

Bosa has been one of the most consistent edge rushers in the NFL since he joined the team and has not quite gotten the attention he deserves for it. He finished with 68 total pressures in 2021 with the eighth-best pass-rush win rate among edge rushers.

Keep in mind that Bosa was getting double and sometimes even tripled teamed A LOT in 2021. While Uchenna Nwosu came around in the second half of the season, Bosa did not have a lot of help for most of the season and teams were able to put him on an island.

That is not going to be the case when Khalil Mack is on the other side of him. Mack did play just seven games in 2021 and his pressure numbers did go slightly down in 2020. At 31 years old, it is fair to make the argument that Mack's best days are behind him.

However, he is reuniting with the head coach that he played the best football of his career under. He is also playing alongside the best teammate he has ever had on the defensive line. Sure, the best Mack may have already played in the NFL but if the Chargers get a 90% version of who he was three years ago then they are still getting a top-10 edge rusher in the NFL.

Plus, even if Mack is not his best in the pass-rush, he is still one of the best run defenders on the edge in the entire NFL. That alone is obviously hugely impactful for the Chargers.

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Bosa is still in his prime as well. The kind of impact that these two can have on a game is going to be extraordinary to watch in 2022.