Keeping Michael Bandy is such a no-brainer for the LA Chargers

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The LA Chargers are 0-2 in the preseason thus far but that was to be expected with the team sitting most of the starters in the preseason. Brandon Staley and co. value health over anything and there is no reason to play the starters if the team thinks they will be ready for Week 1.

While that has led to two losing outcomes, it has also opened the door for players on the back-end of the roster to stand out and fight for a roster spot. Perhaps no player on the roster has made more of his opportunity this offseason than Michael Bandy.

Bandy, an undrafted free agent from last season that ultimately spent most of the year on the practice squad, has absolutely thrived in the preseason thus far. Despite not having the best quarterbacks throwing him the ball in the preseason, Bandy has put together impressive numbers in two preseason games.

These are not just garbage-time stats that Bandy is picking up. While he might not be playing against starting defenses, Bandy has looked the part on the field for the Chargers, showing his value with crisp route running and speed that can be utilized in any area of the field.

Bandy proved that he can also produce with the first-team offense during the Chargers' joint practice with the Cowboys earlier in the week. Bandy was getting plenty of targets from Justin Herbert in first-team offense reps. There is legitimate value there.

It would be outrageous if the LA Chargers cut Michael Bandy this year.

While it is definitely a no-brainer to keep him on the roster as the sixth receiver, it is not a guarantee that the Chargers will do so. All signs are pointing to the Chargers wasting a roster spot yet again on having three quarterbacks, which is absolutely the most unnecessary thing the team can do.

Not only that, but it appears likely that the team might be weighing the possibility of having four running backs on the roster as well. I get wanting to keep Austin Ekeler fresh but I promise that Bandy would have a far bigger impact on the roster than Larry Rountree would.

The Bolts ran with five receivers for most of last season and while there is a lot of talent in that top five they should be doing what most teams do and carry six receivers. If not, the Chargers are not going to be able to keep Bandy around on the practice squad any longer.

After this kind of preseason, there absolutely will be a team that claims Bandy off of waivers and puts him on their roster. He is not going to have this massive impact or be a 1,000-yard receiver or anything, but he is valuable depth that is hard to find that deep on the depth chart.

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Hopefully the Chargers do not mess this one up.