Chargers' Keenan Allen ranks above several notable WRs in Madden 23 ratings

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LA Chargers fans have long accepted that Keenan Allen is one of the most underrated wide receivers in the NFL. However, once Justin Herbert came to town and started making highlight-reel throws Allen started getting the love that he should have been getting for years.

There is no doubt that Allen is past his prime as a receiver but he is still one of the best in the sport. With an influx of young, elite talent, Allen has seen himself slip down the NFL rankings when it comes to the best at his position.

That being said, Allen is still getting respect from the Madden franchise. It is that time of year when Madden 23 ratings are starting to trickle in as ratings for the top receivers in the league have been released. Allen cracked the top 10, coming in with a 91 rating.

While it is great to see Allen ranked this high, there are some notable receivers that he is ahead of outside of the top 10 that he probably shouldn't be. Some of those names instantly jump off the page as exclusions in the top 10.

Most notably, Chargers' wideout Keenan Allen ranks above Ja'Marr Chase.

The biggest snub in the Madden 23 ratings is Ja'Marr Chase. The 2021 Offensive Rookie of the Year checked in with an 87 rating, which is tied for the 18th-best alongside AJ Brown and Brandin Cooks. With all due respect to Cooks, there is not a world in which he deserves the same rating as Chase.

Most of the players that are below Allen probably do deserve to be below him on the list. Other receivers that have a case to be ranked higher than the Chargers wideout are Deebo Samuel, who checks in at an 89, and Brown at 87.

Samuel is one of the most explosive weapons in the sport and his versatility should definitely be valued more. Meanwhile, Brown is a true elite WR1 in the NFL and probably deserves to be at least on the same tier as Allen.

Perhaps the most egregious rating, though, is the player right below Allen in Amari Cooper. This is a classic case of the mainstream NFL world not catching up to a player's regression in time. Cooper was not the same receiver last season and he was not even the best guy on his team. He definitely deserves a rating in the mid-80s under a lot of the guys who are below him.

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Regardless, with Allen's high rating and all of the other high ratings on the roster, the Chargers might be the team to play with in Madden 23.