New York Giants fans are still yearning for Justin Herbert

New York Giants v Los Angeles Chargers
New York Giants v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The LA Chargers struck gold in the 2020 NFL Draft when Justin Herbert fell to the sixth overall pick. Thankfully the Miami Dolphins took Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick and Dolphins fans get reminded of that fact every time Herbert makes an insane highlight or simply continues being far better than Tua.

Dolphins fans are not the only fans that are yearning for Herbert, though. There is a reality in which the New York Giants ended up with Justin Herbert instead of Daniel Jones, which might be the biggest possible upgrade for any team in the entire league.

There was speculation that Herbert could declare for the 2019 NFL Draft as a junior and if he did, he definitely would have been considered the second-best quarterback in the draft behind Kyler Murray. Jones was the second quarterback taken instead as New York took him with the sixth overall pick.

Outside of Murray that class was really poor for quarterbacks, so it is not like the Giants missed on drafting anyone that would have been much better. Herbert really was the only potential saving grace for the Giants and Giants fans are still yearning over him to this day.

Justin Herbert would have completely changed who the New York Giants are.

Some might argue that Justin Herbert would not have saved the Giants from themselves as they have been a dumpster fire as of late. However, Herbert is so talented that he would have transcended that and would have changed the course of the franchise. Some guys just have it and Herbert is one of those guys.

It is not like his first season on the Chargers was a great situation and he still set countless records. Herbert had the worst offensive line in the league and was thrown into a situation in which his head coach didn't even want him to be in. Not to mention all of the added complications of COVID-19.

It must hurt Giants fans even more considering they had to watch Herbert make his best throw of the season in 2021 against them. Every Chargers fan has seen the long touchdown to Jalen Guyton countless times. It was truly special.

After a decade-plus of Giants fans bragging that they got Eli Manning instead of the Chargers (even though the Chargers got the more talented quarterback in Philip Rivers), it is nice to see them yearning for Justin Herbert, playing this game of what could have been.

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While the Chargers are a Super Bowl contender with Herbert under center, the Giants will have another losing season and will likely draft a quarterback in 2023.