Overrated QB gets a higher Madden 23 rating than Chargers Justin Herbert

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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The ratings for the newest installment of the Madden franchise, Madden 23, have been slowly rolling out as training camp is around the corner for NFL teams. Some Chargers players have gotten fair ratings while some players have been underrated and even overrated.

The quarterback ratings for the game dropped on Friday and it was a bit surprising to see the rating that quarterback Justin Herbert was given. Madden 23 slapped an 88 overall on Herbert. While it is a bit low, how it compared to his quarterback peers is what would determine if it is a bad rating or not.

And let me tell you, it does not compare greatly. While Herbert is still one of the highest quarterbacks in the game, there are some players ahead of him that simply shouldn't be. There is out outrageous example that simply does not make any sense.

Dak Prescott is a higher rating than Justin Herbert. Let me write that again in case you think it was a mistake. Dak Prescott is a higher rating than Justin Herbert. Look, I have defended Dak in arguments about quarterback tiers before, but this is simply outrageous.

There is no world in which Dak Prescott is a better quarterback than Justin Herbert.

Bill Simmons has a great take on Dak Prescott; he is Kirk Cousins with better PR. While Cowboys fans would instantly jump in and defend Dak because of how bad Cousins is perceived, when you look at the numbers, it is pretty true. Let's compare Cousins since he joined the Vikings (63 games) to Dak since his second season (69 games).

Cousins has a 68.3% completion rate, 124 touchdowns (5.8% TD rate), 36 interceptions (1.7% INT rate), and averages 260.1 yards per game. Prescott has a 66.4% completion rate, 120 touchdowns (4.9% TD rate), 46 interceptions (1.9% INT rate) and averages 266.9 yards per game. Cousins is 33-29-1, Prescott is 40-29-0.

The reality is that Kirk Cousins is probably slightly underrated and Dak Prescott is overrated. Are either bonafide elite quarterbacks? No. And three years ago at this level, they both would be in the top 10. But with so much new young quarterback talent, neither are probably top-10 quarterbacks at this point.

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To say that Dak Prescott is not only a top-six quarterback in the NFL, but is better than Justin Herbert is a bit ludicrous. Even though we disagree with it, at least Joe Burrow has the Super Bowl run that his defense carried him to for Madden 23 to fall back on.