Chargers' Justin Herbert shows off disdain for the media, flips bird at reporters

Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

There are two absolute truths about LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert: he is one of the best quarterbacks in the entire sport and he also is not a big fan of the media. Every Chargers fan knows this after watching Herbert for three seasons now.

Herbert simply is not someone who thrives in the media spotlight. He is rather reserved and instead wants to focus on being the best quarterback that he can possibly be. That being said, Herbert is sneaky funny and has sent some subtle shots towards the media that definitely are worth a chuckle.

The most recent example of Herbert's disdain for the media was not as subtle, though. Chargers media day was on Monday and in typical star quarterback fashion, reporters lined up to get a look and a quick video of Herbert. This prompted the fourth-year quarterback to flash a not-so-subtle middle finger toward reporters when walking between two different media requirements.

Justin Herbert flashes middle finger towards reports on Chargers media day

In case you missed it in the video above, here is a much closer look at the bird that Justin Herbert was flashing toward reporters on Monday. This is an intentional middle finger if I have ever seen one.

Justin Herbert is just like all of us! We've all been there. Like a kid going back to school after a short summer break, Herbert is doing what we all wish we could have done in the past. And quite frankly, it is hilarious that Herbert is this outright about his disdain for the media.

Will this get blown out of proportion by traditional media? Probably. Will there be think pieces about Herbert not being happy with the Chargers or him not being suited to lead the team to the Super Bowl because he "can't handle the media"? Most definitely. Will any of it really matter? Probably not.

If anything, this is just a fun moment to get Chargers fans through what is the driest period of the football calendar. Any time your franchise quarterback flashes the bird towards the media it is going to be a story. Let's just choose to have fun with it instead of blowing it out of proportion.

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