Chargers QB Justin Herbert spends his free time dunking on kids (VIDEO)

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Justin Herbert is coming off of the greatest season by an LA Chargers quarterback in franchise history. Herbert broke the record for the most passing yards, passing completions and passing touchdowns in just his second season to lead the Chargers to a 9-8 record. Unfortunately, Herbert could not get enough help from the team to showcase his elite talent on the grandest stage in the playoffs.

Herbert is staying active though. Instead of dominating the football field, Herbert is turning the hardwood in his free time and is proving that he is more than just an elite quarterback, he is an elite athlete.

Herbert isn't just playing basketball, though. The former Oregon Duck, repping his Oregon gear, is dunking over kids like he is trying to play for a 10-day contract in the NBA.

Justin Herbert has some hops and I am sure that he can do more than just dunk the basketball. I would bet that he is the one that dominates everyone else in a pick-up game and gets picked first when you pick teams. While it is really cool to see the Chargers quarterback dunking, it still is concerning.

The Chargers should intervene and not let Justin Herbert play basketball.

The last thing that the LA Chargers need is for Justin Herbert to play a pick-up basketball game and tear his ACL in the process. Yes, he is an elite athlete, but he is obviously not being the safest considering he just dunked the basketball.

Charger fans should be hoping that this is an old video, but it does not appear that it does. The original poster said that the video was taken this past week and just in that small tidbit, that looks more like Herbert now in 2022 than him back in college in 2019-20.

Back in 2012, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs tore his Achilles and while he said he tore it while conditioning, witnesses came out saying he injured himself during a basketball tournament. That would, obviously, be disastrous for the LA Chargers.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a similar issue on their hands back in 2019 with Patrick Mahomes. A video of Mahomes hitting a 360 layup went viral and the Chiefs were very quick to call Mahomes' agent and tell the quarterback to stop playing basketball.

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Hopefully this post can get to Tom Telesco and he can do the exact same thing with Justin Herbert.