Chargers' Justin Herbert defies physics with insane pass vs 49ers

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers
Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Justin Herbert is one of the best quarterbacks in the entire league and he gets even better in primetime. Primetime Herbert is absolutely a real thing as he shows out when the lights are the absolute brightest.

While it was not a perfect first half for Herbert and the Chargers offense on Sunday Night Football, NFL fans got to see primetime Herbert on display with some of the throws he was making. Herbert has been noticeably better since the bye week as his rib injury has subsided.

Herbert started the game with a brilliant throw right into DeAndre Carter's bread basket to give the Chargers their longest touchdown of the entire season. While that touchdown pass was impressive in its own right, it was not even the most impressive throw that Herbert made to Carter in the first half.

Facing pressure in the pocket, Herbert stepped up and delivered an off-balance, quarter-armed seed through coverage to Carter on the run, setting the Bolts up with a first and goal.

It doesn't even make sense. There are not very many quarterbacks in the league that can do what Herbert did on this play and that isn't even that strange of a play for the star quarterback to make.

Twitter was mesmerized by Justin Herbert's impressive pass for the Chargers.

It is hard to not be incredibly impressed by Herbert on this throw and Twitter definitely had a field day with the pass and with how incredibly insane Herbert is as a quarterback. Notable analyst Warren Sharp had only one word to say about the pass. Chargers fans certainly agree with Sharp's sentiment.

It is plays like this that make Herbert so special. While his overall numbers have not been great as he and the team have dealt with injuries, Herbert is still a unicorn that can do things that other people simply cannot do.

Because he has one of the best play-callers in the league with great offensive weapons, Tua Tagovailoa has put together a great season that has restarted the Tua vs. Herbert debate. Despite Herbert having a much bigger resume, some analysts have gone all-in on the Tua side of the debate.

Clips like this are the perfect counterargument for the Tua side of the debate. Have we ever seen Tua do something like this? Chargers great Shawne Merriman subtly says no.

Justin Herbert and the Chargers took a 16-10 lead into halftime with Herbert having a scare late in the second quarter. Herbert was lit up by Dre Greenlaw on a scramble that snapped his neck back and resulted in an ejection.

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The league then called down to the field and had Herbert removed and tested as part of the concussion protocol. While he did not return before the half ended, he showcased no concussion symptoms and should return.