Chargers' Justin Herbert's biggest fear is insane and not what you'd expect

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The LA Chargers have the biggest luxury possible in the NFL in having an elite quarterback. Not only do the Chargers have an elite quarterback but they went from one elite arm to another in Philip Rivers to Justin Herbert with only one Tyrod Taylor game in between.

Los Angeles has legitimate Super Bowl aspirations because of who they have under center and it is extremely reassuring to every Chargers fan to know that the franchise is going to be taken care of as long as Herbert stays.

That being said, every Chargers fan's biggest fear is Herbert leaving LA (get the extension done, Tom Telesco!) and putting the team in QB purgatory. Herbert leaving seems extremely unlikely, though, so that fear may never come true.

Herbert himself also has a pretty big fear that might be just as irrational as any fan's fear of him leaving the team. The star quarterback is known for giving the most vanilla interview responses ever but his answer for his biggest fear is sure to take you aback.

Chargers' Justin Herbert's biggest fear is losing all his teeth

To be fair to Herbert, he was kind of put on the spot with this question and did not really have a chance to think it all the way through. He definitely could have come up with a better answer than this if he was given proper time to think over the answer and what he really fears in life.

However, we are still a little bit concerned by the fact that he keeps having recurring dreams that his teeth fall out. Are these football dreams? Is he worried that a pass rusher will come barreling down and knock all of his teeth out?

Or is this a brisket nightmare? Herbert loves smoking himself a brisket and he absolutely might have nightmares where he spends hours preparing this brisket only to go take a bite and realize all of his teeth are gone.

But that might not even matter much. The guy seems to know what he is doing and you might not even need your teeth to break down a tender-enough brisket.

At least Herbert has the benefits of modern science. If he were to lose his teeth 200 years ago then he truly would have been in a precarious situation. But with today's medicine, and the fact he is about to get a massive payday, he can definitely get some dentures that look like the real deal if this ever happens.

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