Chargers' Josh Palmer has hilarious goal ahead of the 2022 season

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

One of the most anticipated players on the LA Chargers this season is someone who was on the team last season. Second-year wide receiver Josh Palmer has gotten a lot of attention during the offseason and training camp as many predict that 2022 will be his breakout season in the Bolts' offense.

All signs are pointing to this being the case. Palmer really developed as the 2021 season went along and towards the end of the season, he became a prominent target for Justin Herbert. That has carried over into training camp, where Palmer is turning heads.

Chargers fans are already setting goals for some of the players in 2022, including Palmer. A 1,000-yard season is unfair to expect as the WR3, but seeing a leap up to 700 or so yards and five or so touchdowns is absolutely doable.

However, Palmer is not really concerned with the numbers, at least that is how he is making it seem. When asked about any potential goals for the 2022 season, Palmer shared his simple (yet hilarious) goal.

We have no idea if Palmer is just saying this tongue-in-cheek knowing that he will make the roster or if he has really adopted the mindset that he has to earn his spot on this team even though it is essentially already his. Based on his work ethic and the development we have seen out of him, I would bet on the latter.

Josh Palmer has already clinched the WR3 job on the LA Chargers.

Brandon Staley has not outright given the WR3 job to Josh Palmer in the public yet but it is pretty clear that the second-year receiver has already won his roster battle. Palmer has been getting first-team snaps with the offense and has been targeted by Justin Herbert quite a lot.

Heading into camp, Palmer was set to battle with Jalen Guyton for the position. Guyton really has not done much thus far in camp, though, and pretty quickly lost the battle to the younger and more dynamic receiver.

Guyton may fall even farther in the depth chart as well as new-signee DeAndre Carter has looked exceptional not just in special teams but in offense as well. Guyton still has something that nobody else on the offense has, elite speed, but it is hard to make the case for him over Carter, let alone Palmer.

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Maybe Jalen Guyton should be the one whose goal is to simply make the roster. Regardless, this hilarious answer from Palmer is a peak into his mindset, which should be extremely exciting for Chargers fans.